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Directions for using
This site provides up-to-date directions to use the software called JMARS to explore Mars and other planetary objects.    More...

First, get JMARS  on the JMARS website. This page also has a helpful "Tour of the JMARS user interface".

This site and JMARS works best on computers.

Click on the underlined tools below for directions.

close up of Olympus Mons caldera
profile of Olympus Mons Caldera

Profiles: Is this a raised flat topped mountain or a depression like a impact crater or caldera?

crater profile lines
crater profile chart

New and improved Crater Analysis Capabilities. See blog entry.


Use the Feature Definitions  with game.

Daytime Temperature Map   

features in Jezero Crater

Nighttime Temperature Map   

night image of Jezero Crater

Top and foot of Olympus Mon daily and yearly temperatures (calculated)

color Topographic Mars image
Day year olympus mons temp charts_edited
close up of Tharsis
thermal image of Mars

Elevation  To Thermal Inertia

TES: Hematite

Notice that there is only one area with a large concentration of Hematite.

Hematite on Mars
3D view

3D View:  

3D layeeer

 3D Layer

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