Directions for using JMARS 5

JMARS is a research tool used by scientists to study over 30 planetary objects.  It is for students too!



JMARS is free and accessible.

It is unique on the Web in that it enable students to explore, ask questions, access data, and answer their own questions about some very exciting and unusual places!



The purpose for this site is to serve teachers' and students' use for small and medium projects and exploration. There is much more information and detailed tutorials on the JMARS website:  


Feel free to contact the creator, Mrs. Jackie Kane, former teacher,  at

Next: Proceed to these links in order (recommended) or skip to the answers you need.

1. Read More to answer some of your questions. 

2. Go to Tabs 2 for a short introduction to Mars and JMARS.

3. View a quick start Youtube video as linked above or view a 20 min NESTA  webinar highlights or view an animated quick start ppt. You can also go to Tab 3 for directions for specific tool use. 

(same video as posted at the top) 

*Anytime: Drive Perseverance in augmented reality or place an augmented reality Mars Map on your own counter or floor.