JMARS can also be used to explore 30 other planets, moons, and asteroids! 

This site provides directions for teachers, students, beginning researchers, and the general public to investigate Mars using software called JMARS. 

JMARS is unique in that it enable users to explore, ask questions, access data, and answer their own questions about some very exciting and unusual places on planetary objects in our solar system. Many questions can be explored and answered with limited prior knowledge about geology and Mars.

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JMARS is a software application used by scientists and students to study over 30 planetary objects in our solar system.

JMARS is produced by Arizona State University's Mars Space Flight Facility.


JMARS is free, safe, and quickly downloaded software (Windows, Mac OS, and Linux) with the option to make an account or to access JMARS as a guest. This public access has been used since 2003. Click on the More button above or continue on to tab 2 and 3.

Coming Soon New VR Mars game


There is much more information and detailed tutorials on the JMARS website:

Drive Perseverance in augmented reality or place an augmented reality Mars Map on your own counter or floor.

Score points. Send commands to the rover to move to rocks and analyze them

Mars VR game coming soon info. See if you can survive on Mars!

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